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Excellent & Easy to Understand
Instruction at Affordable Prices

Singles, Couples or Groups of All Ages or Skill Levels



AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK: $95 per lesson (includes instruction for up to 4 students, for the same price)

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOOKING YOUR LESSON TIME IN THE MORNING!  Our ballroom is over 17,000 square feet and can get very full of people at night.  If you reserve a morning-time lesson, you will likely be the only people in the ballroom at that time.  This makes learning easiest, and maximizes health safety.


  1. Wear comfortable, closed-toe dress shoes.  Keds, cowboy boots and other comfortable closed-toe shoes also work.  Please avoid wearing thick black-soled tennis shoes or shoes with sticky, rubbery soles (like Doc Martins).  Those will be more challenging to dance in.
  2. Wear comfortable, lightweight clothes.  You may get hot during your lesson.  It is not necessary to wear formal or semi-formal clothing.

We accept cash and credit cards.



AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK: $190 per lesson (includes instruction for 5-20 students, for the same price)


  1. Decide in advance if you’d like to dance with the same partner during your semi-private lesson, or if you’d like to rotate amongst your group.
  2. As our facility is very busy in the evenings, it may be challenging to reserve an evening time slot to accommodate large groups.  We highly recommend morning time slots, if this works with your schedule,

If paying with credit card, the entire transaction must be charged to a single card.



Due to covid-19, we have temporarily suspended our weekly group classes which have always been open to the public for walk-ins.

We recognize it is very difficult to learn ‘online’ and exponentially faster to learn to dance ‘in person.’  However, we do provide free weekly dance tutorials on our Youtube channel.  Experienced dancers will find these to be helpful.  Beginners learn best by starting with in-person instruction.

OUR FREE YOUTUBE CHANNEL Oregon Ballroom Dance Tutorials with Sunnie Page – YouTube

Group Classes Run as Follows:

1) $20 per person, per class

2) Groups are run in a 1-month series.
For example: 9-10am every Saturday of the month

3) We rotate partners in group classes, as this expedites the learning process.  If you prefer not to rotate, private lessons will be a more comfortable setting for you.

If paying with credit card, you must show up at least 10 minutes in advance to run your card prior to class.

We recommend dropping in the first day of group class to see if you enjoy the style being taught that month.  If you do, return for the rest of the month to solidify what you learned, and to learn more steps.